Eligibility Criteria

For purposes of CDN’s Top 100 Solution Providers list and the annual Benchmark Report, an information technology solution provider is defined as an organization that designs, builds and deploys information technology solutions with computer hardware, software or peripheral products.

Such an organization may also provide IT-related professional or support services, or consulting in a cloud/on-demand environment, on-premise fashion or as a managed service.

Companies must meet the definition above and:

  • Be registered and conducting business in Canada;
  • Source products from a leading distributor in Canada;
  • Possess a minimum of one certification or authorization from an IT vendor.

Please note: The Top 100 Solution Providers list is based on total 2017 gross revenues of ICT goods and services sold and purchased by entities located within Canada.  Where multi-year contracts have been sold, please only include the 2017 revenue.


How to Apply

  • Final applications must be received through the online submission tool. Click here for the application form.

For any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]