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Software espionage

New forms of spyware lead to non-traditional methods for ensuring security

A very speedy MFP

The new flagship printer from Brother does the job in the office or at home at high speed. However, unpacking the machine does pose some challenges

A view from the top

Display manufacturer ViewSonic has been a marketing force for years. Its tropical birds symbol has set it apart from competitors. But the firm is now trying to make a leap in product innovation

Access launches lead generation too

Westminster, colo. - To help resellers strengthen their lead generation potential, Access Distribution has introduced Opportunity Tracker, an application designed to provide fast access...

Webcam market expands

Software giant eyes growing market for quality video communication devices

Putting the puzzle together

The networked printer market picture is changing. New trends include colour laser MFPs for the office and wireless for homes

Net Integration hires Symantec channel manager

Ex-Ingram chief joins Bell Micro board; Randy Kalpin exits On The Go

Harry Rosen gets tailored solution

Retailer selects Sage Software's CRM product for overall fit with customers

Nothing hidden for this company

Everything's up front for Stealth Computer, from its self-financing to the way the CEO went to the top to get the company out of a financial jam

No sweat at Raritan VAR drop

The number of Raritan authorized VARs in Canada has dropped in the past year from 24 to 21. However, executives of the company, which...

Laser scans Mona Lisa’s smile for secrets

NRC uses custom-built laser scanner to create digital model of Leonardo Da Vinci's painting

Vista on the horizon

Microsoft wants to boost efficiency and tighten security with the immenent releases of Windows, Office and Exchange

HP takes aim at SMB storage

Eager to snatch a piece of the burgeoning SMB storage market, Hewlett-Packard Co. has released its own answer to the network storage needs of...

Dutkowsky named Tech Data’s new leader

Veteran IT executive will have to find ways to erase distributor's multi-million dollar losses

HP acquires VoodooPC

San Francisco - Hewlett-Packard is purchasing VoodooPC, a Calgary-based firm best known for its high-end gaming machinesFinancial terms of the deal were not disclosed,...

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