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Mary Percat, Channel Manager Apple Canada

Several product launches including Panther OS X Server allowed Apple Canada to re-enter non-traditional markets in 2003. Through the VAR recruitment program, Apple Canada’s channel strategy and development manager formed new partnerships with resellers that would have shunned Apple a few years agorn

Serge Godin, CEO CGI Group

CGI boss pulled the trigger on the year’s biggest reseller acquisition (Cognicase). But the CEO is steadfast in his goal to be an integration leader in the market placern

Jim Estill, CEO EMJ Data Systems

Call him an opportunist if you want, but this chief executive simply likes to keep busy and with a major acquisition that will see his company literally double in size, plus a slew of new product distribution agreements, 2003 will be another hectic year for EMJ’s bossrn

Showing some flash

Flash memory is in short supply, great for consumers not for retailersrn

A passing grade

Anti-virus software is a must today. For the small business user, a desktop-only product is appropriate, while…


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