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Red Hat announced open hybrid cloud and edge solutions at summit

The mantra at the 2021 Red Hat Summit wasn't so much "Linux" as it was "open hybrid cloud," and, of course, Red Hat OpenShift, which, as Red Hat's president and chief executive officer Paul Cormier pointed out, is underpinned by Linux.

Pharma reps lost in-person access to 80% of customers last year. ODAIA is helping them reconnect

Salespeople can attest to the challenges that come with maintaining contact with their customer base during a pandemic. In the case of pharmaceutical representatives,...

Esri Canada earns Channel Innovation Award for its NG-9-1-1 project with New Brunswick

It’s not a stretch to suggest Uber and Pizza Pizza have a better chance at finding a precise location than many first responders. The...

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric now offered as standalone service

After launching last year to compete with VMware's Kubernetes platform Tanzu and Red Hat's OpenShift offerings, HPE Ezmeral received important updates this week.

Boemska’s low-code skills will help Viya reach the factory and hospital floor says SAS

SAS Viya 4, the next version of the analytics firm’s cloud platform, is already “breaking down” walls within organizations seeking to take advantage of collected data, according to Jonathan Wexler.

Google Cloud launches BigQuery Omni that helps businesses get serious about their data

Google Cloud has introduced BigQuery Omni, a multi-cloud analytics solution, which allows developers to access and analyze data across the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure (coming soon), without leaving the BigQuery user interface (UI).

SAP CEO says outsourcing event platform ‘not the best decision’ after Sapphire technical glitches

While the event team quickly pivoted to streaming on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube for the rest of the week, day one was not a happy time for SAP or for viewers.

SAS Global Forum 2020 at a glance

Like most conferences this year, the 2020 SAS Global Forum (SGF) went virtual. The analytics giant staged a one-day online event offering all of...

SAS selects Microsoft as preferred cloud platform

Expect to see a lot more SAS in Microsoft Azure’s cloud portfolio in the coming months and years.

Canadian expert says Honeywell’s quantum computer could be ‘remarkable’

In the world of computing, three months can be a short time. For those watching the progress of quantum computing, waiting for the next 12 weeks will test their patience.

Women in the IT Channel Recognition Luncheon 2019 – Ananya Chadha

A young machine learning developer for IBM shares her story.

Canada’s privacy commissioner asks for input to address AI privacy concerns

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) is asking industry stakeholders to bring forward their concerns and ideas to address the privacy...

Riding the wave: harnessing the power of data

Sometimes it is the small things that data can point to that can make a huge difference.

Time for channel partners to ride the XaaS wave, says Deloitte

A new Deloitte study is providing some insight into how OEMs and channel partners can help each ride the Everything-as-a-Service wave.

Canadian SMBs incur a potential productivity loss of CA$2 billion using older technology 

A recent study commissioned by Microsoft and Intel reported that the cost of using a PC older than four years is more than buying...

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