Using renewable energy in the data centre

By now, the energy-saving advantages of environmentally friendly efforts in IT are clear - even if companies don't always practice them

Enhancing the managed print value proposition

HP hopes advances around applications, security and management will provide margin for partners

Data centres using less power than expected

Data centre power usage is rising at a slower rate than before

‘IPv6 brokenness’ problem appears fixed

Experts say the IPv6 brokenness problem is lessening

Four tips for keeping your data centre cool this summer

Keeping your data centre cool on a budget can be difficult. Here are some tips for taking on the challenge

Who’s in first in Canada, Acer or Hewlett-Packard?

Acer is trumpeting research from Gartner that says it now leads the Canadian mobile PC market, but IDC still has Hewlett Packard on top

Cisco gets a makeover

Will the newest round of significant go-to market changes fend off Microsoft and HP?

A look inside SuperNAP, ‘the world’s most powerful data centre’

In this video, we look at what makes Switch's Las Vegas SuperNAP unique

U.S. feds release map of data centre closings

The U.S. is accelerating the closing of data centres

Could NAND flash kill DRAM in PCs?

The right balance of NAND, DRAM, and an HDDs yields better results than DRAM and HDDs, study finds

IBM to unveil new version of high-end storage

The XIV Gen.3 array is priced at about $2M and arrives in September

Brocade goes all-in with Westcon

The distributor adds Brocade's SAN portfolio to its line card, now offering the networking vendor's full portfolio

Go inside the world’s meanest, greenest data centre

Cisco shows off a customer with 2.2 million square feet of data centre space

How eBay’s data centre benefited from solar

Solar isn't being used for critical loads, but it is still helping

Cisco updates data centre products for cloud efficiency

The company is looking to improve the user experience and administrative efficiency with updates to is UCS and WAAS products

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