HP puts on data centre hard hat

The company is offering to manage construction projects, promising customers 'one throat to choke'

Big tablet fight: Samsung vs. HP vs. Apple

Who wins in the big-screen tablet war? We compare the specs to see who comes out ahead

Citrix and the virtualization channel opportunity

The virtualization vendor outlines the channel opportunity around cloud computing and desktop virtualization

HP accuses Cisco of diverting data centre standard

Cisco insists that customers drove the change

Intel knowingly sells faulty chipsets. Are they crazy?

Intel has changed its mind about the flawed chipsets for its latest processors & is selling them to vendors, with conditions

Dell puts its eggs in the workforce/lifestyle basket

New desktops, laptops, a tablet and workstations coming soon

Globalive court ruling puts Wind Mobile in legal limbo

Judge rules federal cabinet order allowing startup wireless company to go into business was flawed, but suspends ruling for 45 days

New network security vendor tries old selling model

Palo Alto Networks enters Canadian market with a new/old channel approach

Inside an enterprise Salesforce Chatter rollout

Here are some tips for a smooth deployment

High Tech Countdown: EMC’s big announcement and Will.i.am joins Intel

The editors of CIO and CDN are back to discuss the latest issues in the world of IT

The end is nigh for IPv4

Canadian vendor warns there may be connectivity problems because providers and businesses are unprepared for shift to new Internet protocol

Apple’s iPhone 4 ‘Screwgate’

Apple takes its lock-down to a whole new level

Intel finds design flaw in Sandy Bridge chipset

Intel said a design flaw in the Sandy Bridge chipset could reduce revenue by $300 million in the first fiscal quarter

Virtualization player gets some Canadian representation

Virtensys adds Keating Technologies and taps into established channels

Nortel customers seek reassurance from Avaya

When competitors tried to tempt Nortel users to their platforms, an Avaya official fought back

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