Infrastructure News

Word to your motherboard

Can Balanced Technology Extended revive the sagging PC industry? It will give developers some optionsrn

Taking the pulse of VoIP

How a Cisco IP telephony solution saved a children’s hospital $120K and improved patient carern

BTO: Next-generation outsourcing

Three years ago, IBM Corp. struck a traditional outsourcing deal with British-based BP PLC, which included taking over the energy company’s Calgary data centre.rn

Solution Development

Genx Solutions’ virtual IT department has helped the solution provider win awards and gain the confidence of customers such as Sunnybrook Hospital and UNICEF.rn

Display Wars

As the price of large flat panel displays tumble manufacturers fight to bring new technologies to marketrn

Shad Young, Founder of CLIC

Like many other people Shad Young was concerned about SCO’s actions because Linux is his livelihood. Which is why he created the Canadian Linux Interests Coalition to combat SCO and its controversial claim on open sourcern


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