Wireless content at work

Why are we still making trivial use of the potential of wireless devices?rn

Psion expands reach for its handhelds

Ontario-based mobile computing manufacturer inks distribution agreements with Tech Data and EMJrn

Brandon police go wireless

Xwave's computer-aided dispatch system for squad cars has helped a Manitoba force catch crooks fasterrn

Good Technology enters Canada

An American mobile computing software company thinks it has the goods to take on Research In Motion on its home turf. rn

Wal-Mart puts RFID on the map

Now it's time for industries to discuss the technology's potential for use and abuse

Wireless warriors for the road

Light-weight notebooks are getting more powerful, better batteries and are increasingly bundled with WiFi. That makes them a top product for many resellers. We put seven through their paces to find out which ones will appeal to buyers

LG enters notebook market

Company strategy is to build brand through an authorized channel


Microsoft CRM focused on wireless device market

Canadian footwear firm dicusses success story at Convergence 2004rn

Go anywhere Do anything

Service providers, integrators and VARs are making public Wi-Fi hot-spots burn across the nation


Imagina portal and wireless possibilities

When Imagina Technology Solutions Inc. decided to take a different direction several years ago the Montreal company's revenues grew by $5 millionrn

IBM launches new ThinkPad

Lighter and smaller models come at a price: They only come with 12.1-inch screensrn

Wireless wildcard

Ultra Wideband promises speed, but its short range could be a liability rn

Microsoft hopes Tablet upgrade will score

First year sales modest for new OSrn

BenQ boss bends tradition

Long-time peripheral maker introduces multimedia notebooksrn

Handhelds without hassles

Former Microsoft programming guru has his finger on the tip of softwarern

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