At first glimpse Blackberry 10 is a game changer

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins tells the world about BB10's functionality boost

RIM tantalizes crowd with BB10 demo

The first public demonstration of the next generation BlackBerry operating system shows some neat tricks

New iPad owners pay big ‘halo’ dividends for Apple

iPad users twice as likely to buy only Apple products than other tablet owners

Huawei: Touch-free smartphones and infinite cloud storage are on the way

The company will increase research and development spending up 20 per cent from last year

Google Drive could be a boon — and a headache — for IT

Service works seamlessly with other Google services, but presents a significant security challenge, analysts say

New Lenovo ThinkPad laptops will ditch the classic keyboard

The traditional ThinkPad keyboard earned its reputation as being best for typing accuracy. Now a new contender is taking its place

Dell promises major channel push behind new Precision workstations

Admitting that the workstation channel hasn't been a focus before, Dell is seeking to change that with its refreshed Precision workstation line-up

Oracle considered buying RIM and Palm

The Oracle CEO revealed the plans under cross-examination in Oracle's trial against Google

Today, a device’s ecosystem trumps feeds and speeds

Sheer performance can't compete with the ecosystem of applications and services that a particular platform exists in

Cisco expands small business portfolio as mobile devices proliferate

New wireless access points, routers, switches, unified communications and partner-managedrnservice offerings highlight new Cisco SMB offerings

BlackBerry still beats iOS and Android on security: analysis

RIM's BlackBerry remains the clear leader in mobile security, despite declining market share

iPhone vs. BlackBerry: Is Apple’s battle with RIM won?

Does RIM's announcement that it will 'ignore' consumers mean that Apple has won the battle with the BlackBerry maker?

RIM returning to roots to attempt rebound

New CEO Thorsten Heins is making some big changes to try and turn things around

New iPad shortchanges users on battery life, says expert

Indicator shows 100 per cent charge when the battery is really only at 90 per cent

Acer announces first quad-core tablet Iconia Tab A510

Acer's Iconia Tab A510 joins growing quad-core Android tablet market

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