RIM’s down in U.S., but future is brighter elsewhere

Overseas users like BlackBerry Messenger, new phones appeal to youth in Europe, Asia, Africa

HP releases new Slate tablet after retaining PC unit

Hewlett-Packard's Slate 2 is the company's first tablet after it announcing it would not spin off or sell its PC unit

Five must-have iPad gadgets for geeks

Custom-designed for technophiles who want their iPads to do more

Sony to buy Sony Ericsson, turn into subsidiary

The Japanese electronics maker says it will pay Ericsson

Microsoft makes patent deal with Taiwan manufacturer

Microsoft said that makers of over half of all Android devices are now its licensees

A third of enterprise BlackBerry users want out

Dissatisfaction rates high among BlackBerry users in large companies, survey finds

RIM runs into trademark dispute over BBX name for future OS

A software company claims that the name BBX violates its trademark for a cross-platform development tool

Do you really need the newest, shiniest smartphone?

Cutting edge smartphones dominate tech headlines, but the differences from one smartphone to the next won't fundamentally change your life

RIM peace-offering: Free apps, support

RIM said it is also taking 'aggressive' steps to prevent another major service outage

As fix begins, worldwide BlackBerry users still have problems

Service slowdown reaches North America for first time

With Aspire S3, Acer goes heavy into ultrabooks

Video: Take a look at the Acer Aspire S3-951, the product at the lead of the vendor's new push into the ultrabook market

Device Doctor

Device Doctor is free, but so are the demo versions of driver updaters that located more out-of-date drivers

HP investigates Android TouchPads

HP is investigating how several TouchPads reportedly shipped to end users running Android, instead of webOS

Steve Jobs always stayed hungry

News of Steve Jobs' passing has everyone talking about technology and innovation

RIM’s 2011 so far: 10 months of BlackBerry ups and (mostly) downs

A challenging year for RIM There's still two months left in 2011, but if the book were closed on the year today it wouldn't go...

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