Russian company adds BlackBerry password cracker

Elcomsoft says its software can extract a master device password from an encrypted BlackBerry memory card

What Apple might announce at next week’s secret event

iPhone 4's excellence that should raise your expectations for the iPhone 5

Sony clip-on screen attachment makes Vaio laptops 3D

The Sony panel hooks onto the front of recent Vaios and allows for 3D viewing of Blu-ray movies and pictures without glasses

Samsung introduces Festive White smartphone

Smartphone maker gets ready for the holiday season

Samsung to offer low cost Windows-Mango smartphones

Vendors hope lower prices will help Windows Phone take off, says analyst

Apple will keep ruling the tablet market, says Gartner

Research firm says iPad dominance will continue for foreseeable future

Pushing TV onto your office desktop

Samsung releases push technology that can turn your office computer into a TV

Oracle, Google fail to reach settlement in Android case

But CEOs Larry Ellison and Larry Page may yet meet again, according to a court filing

HAL 9000 — not just in space anymore

Your phone and other devices are quickly evolving into intelligent robot assistants you can talk to

Google wallet mobile payments: What it means for the channel

Google Wallet is also expected to be available only to Android users, at first

RIM’s PlayBook shipments drop in half

The company continues to struggle, with its tablet sales dropping off and revenue continuing to sink

Motorola building sales team aimed at specific verticals

The move comes as the smartphone and tablet-maker is touting the business power of Android

Blinded by smartphone glitz: Is security on your must-have feature list?

With any operating system, security is a continuing process. The problem with Android is that security is more continual than for most

Profiting from mobile data and video demand

There's no money in that old-fashioned way of communicating so what's next?

Amazon’s 7″ tablet reportedly priced at US$250

The new device could put a dent in other manufacturers' tablet sales

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