iPhone 4, iPad, Android leap in business adoption

Data from Good's customer deployments show the Droid X and Droid 2 models were the Android OS's big hits

Government BlackBerries a security risk: privacy commissioner

Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says some federal agencies have no policies in place to encrypt the data held on government-issued BlackBerry smart phones

Symantec has a plan to secure your Apple iPad

Mobile security solutions designed for consumers, enterprises and communication service providers

HP, Sony, Samsung and Lenovo preview their holiday PC lineups

At Microsoft Canada's Windows 7 holiday showcase, the PC vendors showcase some of the offerings they hope will be hot this holiday season

Apple iPhone 4 fails to slow Android demand for long

Android's momentum has returned, while RIM gets a minimal boost from the BlackBerry Torch

India says BlackBerry message tracking doesn’t work

Research In Motion has until Oct. 30 to provide network access to Indian security agencies

Avaya inks Skype to a partnership deal

Skype users would be able to reach a company using Avaya gear for free or at low cost

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011

Microsoft Word for Mac no longer feels like a second-string word processing program in the Microsoft Office suite

RIM answers Apple’s iPad, Cisco Cius with the PlayBook tablet

It isn't called the BlackPad -- thankfully -- but RIM unveils its tablet competitor to Apple's iPad. The device, unveiled at DevCon 2010, features a new OS from QNX

Sharp launching Android e-book reader Galapagos

The Galapagos readers will be launched outside of Japan in 2011

Mozilla concept phone is a glimpse of the future

The Seabird phone has two pico projectors, a virtual keyboard and a multifunction Bluetooth dongle

4 ways a RIM tablet could smoke the iPad, Galaxy Tab

If RIM wants to succeed with its own tablet needs to offer something the iPad and the Galaxy Tab do not already offer

Michael Dell shows off tablet with 7-inch screen

The Dell CEO revealed the 7-inch tablet for the first time at the Oracle Openworld conference in San Francisco

Google Voice

Free Google service offers useful enhancements beyond pulling together different phone numbers

Intel: Future smartphones will be assistants, companions

Intel CTO Justin Rattner descibes a future with so-called context-aware computers and mobile devices

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