Windows 7 Tablet: Four keys to success against the iPad

Microsoft will need to spend on social media and other marketing efforts for Windows 7 tablet

Acer’s new entry-level notebooks boast Intel Core i3, i5 processors

The Aspire notebook line from Acer gets a refresh, more power

An IT channel guide to Back to School 2010

Find out what's hot for back to school 2010, where students will be spending and where you should be focusing your marketing efforts

Intel’s McAfee acquisition a mobile play

McAfee could be Intel's ticket to success in the mobile market

Social networking is IT security’s ground zero: Kaspersky

The security software vendor has launched its 2011 consumer offerings, promising cloud-enabled protection and enhanced parental controls

Canadian ultraportable sales skyrocket in Q2: IDC Canada

Netbook sales appear to be petering-out but desktops, portables are growing

Has the BlackBerry Torch flopped already?

Launch weekend sales figures fall well short of iPhone 4; price already slashed

Canadian PC maker offers six-core laptop with 4TB of storage

The Panther 2.0 is due to ship later this month from Eurocom

High Tech Countdown: Scandal rocks HP and RIM lights the Torch

HP CEO steps down because of business conduct policies involving reality TV starlet and RIM releases the Torch amid banishment from the Middle East

Dell sets a date for Streak tablet release

The Streak tablet device will go on sale Aug. 12 after delays

Aegis NetDock offers storage and substance for your netbook

The stylish device adds a 500GB hard drive, a DVD drive and 4 extra USB ports

Gateway refreshes for Canada

Two new lines boast AMD NEO processors and ATI graphics

Acer debuts new dual Android, Windows XP netbook

The Acer Configuration Manager for Android controls which OS will boot

Canadian wireless gets predatory

Who is secretly plotting the Broadband Revolution?

Wireless dealers aren’t feeling the love from Canadian carriers

An IDC Canada report shows Canada's wireless dealers aren't getting the support they need from Canada's carriers, at a time the carriers need the dealer channel more than ever

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