A leaked look at Dell’s new iPad killing tablets

Gadget blog Engadget claims to have leaked documents that outline Dell's upcoming tablet computers

Steve Jobs: Get Google Android if you want porn

Apple boss adds buy an Android if you want mobile porn

BlackBerry prepping new OS and clamshell phone?

Rumors say RIM will release a touch-friendly OS, version 6.0, and a clamshell phone

Windows phone? There’s no app for that

Application developers have little interest in the Windows Mobile platform, making it even harder to interest users

Mac sales miss industry average: IDC

But rival research firm Gartner estimates the opposite

Microsoft’s mystery event turns pink

Another smartphone is expected to join the fray on Monday. Will anybody notice, even if it's Microsoft's?

Tales from the line-up for an Apple iPad

Three years after consumers across the continent lined-up for Apple's iPhone, its d

Microsoft’s Project Natal tech provider revealed

PrimeSense developed the 3D motion technology for Microsoft's next-generation gaming interfacern

A really smart phone

World Mobile Congress has come and gone and adoption is pushing 100 per cent

Major impacts for Blackberry and iPhone with UC

Here's how UC can help with business and personal productivity investments

Gaming PCs and high performance computing: Last fortress of system builder margin?

If a system builder knows their craft, and is an expert on the market and their customers' needs, there is margin to be found in high performance computing, be it gaming PCs or high-end workstations. Find out how resellers can also make money from hardware sales again

LCD maker to build billion-dollar factory

AU Optronics will build a US$3 billion LCD factory in Kunshan, China

Microsoft’s top four Windows Phone 7 priorities

Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's revamped answer to the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry, is exected to be front and centre at MIX10

Targus Canada gets a new boss after 20 years

Toshiba executive replaces a pioneer in the IT industry in Canada

Reviewing the 2009 tax filing software programs

We put H&R Block Premium, UFile Standard and QuickTax Standard through their tax preparation paces

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