10 tips to get the most from your WiFi-only tablet

CDN CURATED: Decided to ditch the data plan? We'll help you survive on WiFi

Microsoft preparing to drop Metro — the name, that is

CDN CURATED: A trademark dispute may force a language change for how Microsoft describes its tiled UI

RIM preps 4G LTE PlayBook for Canada as job cuts loom and retail stores close

CDN CURATED: It's not all bad news from RIM today with a PlayBook sale and pending new model launch to temper the rumoured cutbacks

Apple powers tablet growth while Samsung also makes gains

Acer was the only major tablet vendor to ship fewer tablets in the quarter as worldwide numbers continued to increase

Weary Waterloo: The pink slips fly every Thursday at RIM

CDN CURATED: Waterloo's civic pride rides on the struggling technology giant

Microsoft announces new hardware for Windows 8

The new mice and keyboard will be released around the time of the Windows 8 launch

Tim Cook’s first big mistake

Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave. Apple CEO Tim Cook might have made his first big mistake as the man in charge when he...

Shipping delays mount for Google’s Nexus 7 16GB tablet

Google expects the Nexus 7 tablet with 16GB of storage to return soon to its Play store

Microsoft acknowledges Surface may trigger OEM hostility

Fling with tablets may affect computer makers' commitment to Windows, firm says in SEC filing

Fujitsu to launch smartphone for the elderly

The phone targets Japan's aging population with a special touchscreen and a version of Android with larger text and buttons

Google ships Nexus 7 tablet, but retail channel struggle to keep up

Best Buy Canada and Staples are among the retailers saying the tablet is posing some challenges

Surface tablet won’t hurt Microsoft’s OEM partners

Though one Canadian analyst says the tablet has left Microsoft's OEM partners fuming, the company's global channel GM says Surface will create new partner opportunities

Samsung to release Windows RT tablet in October

Samsung will compete with Microsoft, HP and others with Windows tablet

Windows Phone 8 gets demo but no firm release date at WPC

Microsoft took partners through a demo of Windows Phone 8's bells and whistles. But what one Canadian partner really wants to see is a simple, compelling story from Microsoft that will grab the attention of consumers and businesses once again

BlackBerry App World tops three billion downloads

Research In Motion had some positive news: Its app store, BlackBerry App World, recently passed three billion app downloads

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