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Hashtag Trending – Samsung’s next phones will double as radios, Dropbox files IPO

Samsung is turning its next phones into radios. Dropbox has quietly filed for an IPO. And today’s CES highlights include a bricklaying machine and a device that helps alleviate women’s period pain. From Google Trends: Samsung has announced that it will collaborate with broadcasting app NextRadio to unlock the FM chips in future smartphone releases…

Hashtag Trending – French authorities investigating Apple for ‘planned obsolesence’; dancing robots at CES

Apple is being investigated by French prosecutors for allegedly designing iPhones to deliberately stop working after two years. People are talking about James Damore’s lawsuit against Google. And dancing robots at CES. From Facebook: The French government’s consumer protection agency is investigating Apple regarding allegations of “planned obsolescence”. In France it’s a crime to intentionally…

Hashtag Trending – Microsoft drops Bitcoin support, Apple pressured to address childhood iPhone addiction

Microsoft is no longer supporting Bitcoin. Two investors with $2 billion USD in Apple stock are pressuring the company to address childhood iPhone addiction. And today’s CES highlights include voice assistant-enabled earphones and “Li-Fi”. From Google Trends: Microsoft employees have told technical support website Bleeping Computer that the company is no longer supporting Bitcoin transactions,…



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