Hashtag Trending – IBM picks Slack, Samsung Unpacked, robotic workforce stops growing

IBM selects Slack over Teams as its official communications platform, Samsung Unpacked yields a few surprises, and Robots loosen their grip on the American workforce.

Hashtag Trending – Amazon is watching what you read, crypto scams make billions, Equifax breach update

Amazon is really into our reading habits, scams involving bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency brought in at least $4.3 billion from investors in 2019, and the US charges four Chinese military hackers in Equifax breach.

Hashtag Trending – Google Maps revamp, Airbnb restricts age for rentals, France fines Apple

Google Maps gets a facelift, Airbnb is making changes in Canada, and France fines Apple for $27 million

Hashtag Trending – Google eats its vegetables, Visa explains Libra concerns, Spotify doubles down on podcasts

Google is engineering a way to encourage its employees to eat healthier, Mastercard's CEO says he withdrew from Facebook's Libra because Libra's leaders wouldn't commit to observing laws, and Spotify doubles down on podcast content.

Hashtag Trending – Coronoavirus scares MWC; YouTube revenue detailed; Chrome to curb annoying ads

The coronavirus has scared off two major companies from attending Mobile World Congress, YouTube released its revenue for the first time, and Google to...

Hashtag Trending- Google accidentally mixes Photos storage; deep fake detection tool; fake traffic jam

If you’ve used the Google Takeout service late last year, you may want to check if you’ve downloaded other people’s selfies. Speaking of pictures,...

Hashtag Trending- Stephen King quits Facebook; no more BlackBerry phones; Yahoo time capsule

Welcome to Hashtag Trending. In today’s news, Stephen King has finally had enough of Facebook, TCL to stop making BlackBerry phones, and Yahoo to...

Hashtag Trending – Amazon engineer dunks on Ring, Apple and Broadcom in hot water, Avast fallout

An Amazon engineer criticizes home-security camera company Ring, saying it should be "shut down immediately”, Apple and its wifi chip company Broadcom have been ordered to pay $1.1B, and Avast shuts down its data-harvesting arm.

Hashtag Trending- U.S. sues scam callers; Microsoft’s $40 million AI health care plan; Google’s new chat client

It’s a good news day in tech today. The U.S. is once again curbing annoying robocalls, Microsoft revealed a new 40 million initiative to...

Hashtag Trending – Huawei enters U.K. 5G; Shopify’s new office; don’t pay to activate your phone

In an anticipated move, the U.K. has rolled out the red carpet for Huawei and allowed it into its 5G network. Also, if you’re...

Hashtag Trending – Amazon and the climate, Google and law enforcement, Spotify for pets

Amazon staff are criticizing the company’s climate policy, Google is charging law enforcement for access to your data, and Spotify targets your pets because why not.

Hashtag Trending – Big brother’s watch in UK; YouTube mods and PTSD; Sidewalk Lab’s smart city delay

Hashtag Today is about big brother watching over UK citizens, YouTube moderators allegedly being forced into acknowledging PTSD as a health hazard, and the...

Hashtag Trending – Amazon is most valuable brand ever; tech giants spending heavy on lobbying; Tesla hits milestone

Amazon officially becomes the most valuable brand of all time; tech giants set a new record for money spent on lobbying; Tesla hits a...

Hashtag Trending – Jeff Bezos phone hack; Microsoft exposes customer data; New budget iPhone

Today’s top story further proves that data theft can happen to anyone. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had his data lifted from his phone. Furthermore,...

Hashtag Trending – Huawei CFO hearing; Apple bends to FBI; North shotgunning patents

Today’s top news is that Huawei’s CFO hearing is now officially underway. In other news, North’s new smart-glasses to include some cool new bleeding-edge...

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