Hashtag Trending – 25 million Androids infected with malware; ‘detective wi-fi’ to the rescue; smart TV captures porn?

25 million Android users infected with Malware from WhatsApp; Wi-fi network busts young vandals; Did a smart TV record a couple having sex?   https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2019/07/10/25-million-android-phones-infected-with-malware-that-hides-in-whatsapp/#5b230faa4470 25 million...

Hashtag Trending – Instagram tackles bullying, Juggalo makeup to the rescue, IBM closes Red Hat deal

Instagram is stepping up its efforts to stomp out bullying on its platform, Juggalo makeup, it turns out, can block facial recognition technology, and IBM finally closes its acquisition of Red Hat.

Hashtag Trending – AI and the Beatles, British Airways gets fined, Steve Jobs was a ‘wizard’

AI helps unlock some of the Beatles greatest secrets, British Airways gets slapped with a fine by the GDPR, and Bill Gates describes Steve Jobs as a wizard.

Hashtag Trending – Samsung phones in hot water; London facial recognition failing; BBC puts out fully interactive episode

https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/samsung-in-court-for-misleading-phone-water-resistance-advertisements Trending on Twitter, Samsung finds itself in hot water because its phones don’t work in water. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has brought...

Hashtag Trending – Sony hacker gets jail time; social media strike; growing tech salary in Toronto

Hacker gets two years in jail and a hefty fine, former Wikipedia cofounder strikes against social media platforms, Toronto tech worker salary growth among...

Hashtag Trending – The Walkman turns 40, Cloudflare outage, China’s surveillance campaign

The Sony Walkman turns 40 today, Cloudflare outage impacts services across the web, and China forces tourists to install text-stealing malware.

Hashtag Trending – Electronic scooters in Canada; Bitcoin goes up and down; Longtime Apple exec leaves

The dockless scooter craze is coming to Canada, The price of Bitcoin doesn’t know what to do with itself, and a longtime Apple executive announces his departure.

Hashtag Trending – Creepy deepfake; The robotics revolution; New York’s “Supernode”

A disturbing new deepfake app is making its rounds, a new report about how robots will change the world is getting people worried again, and New York’s strategy to provide affordable broadband continues to turn heads.

Hashtag Trending – Bitcoin price jump; telecoms get hacked; Bell increases fees

Bitcoin prices makes a comeback, massive telecom attack linked to Chinese hackers, Bell increases connection fee.

Hashtag Trending – Sidewalk Labs Toronto plans revealed; Senators demand transparency; Comments controversy

Sidewalk Labs finally reveals its plans for Toronto project; Facebook could soon need to reveal the value of data they collect on you; Could...

Raspberry Pi 4 released; NASA hacked; Verizon internet blackout

Raspberry Pi 4 is here, NASA breach revealed, Verizon hit with a massive internet outage. That’s all the news that’s trending today. It’s Tuesday, June...

Hashtag Trending – Google abandons tablet market, Amazon leases more cargo planes, Samsung asking Apple to pay fine

Google abandons tablet market, Amazon leases more cargo planes, Samsung asking Apple to pay fine.

Hashtag Trending – Fake Google Calendar invites, Google to build homes, U.S. chipmakers want a lighter Huawei ban

Criminals exploit fake calendar invites, Google to build homes, U.S. chipmakers want Huawei back. That’s all the news that’s trending today. It’s Thursday, June 20th,...

Hashtag Trending – Facebook announces cryptocurrency; Google Calendar crashes; CIA spied through smart TV’s

Facebook announces its cryptocurrency set to launch in 2020; Google Calendar crashed for 3 hours on Tuesday; WikiLeaks releases report about CIA spying through...

Hashtag Trending – Hacking iPhones; 3.5 million in support of net neutrality in U.S.; Tim Cook calls out Facebook

A company out of Israel claims it can hack into all iPhones as well as many Androids; 3.5 million signatures were collected in support...

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