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Transitioning with the times

Picking the brains of its customers helped this company create a plan to build expertise in data availability, message management and disaster recovery

Cisco and Microsoft join forces

The two companies forge ahead with interoperability plan and Cisco unveils a master specialization brand for its channel partners in the security realm

Symantec enters phase two of channel plan

Phase two of Symantec’s global unified channel plan has been kicked off with the launch of a global sales expert program and some changes to the partner locator portion of the program.

The integrator

Symantec’s channel boss combined more than 20 channel plans under a single program

Looking at a new Vista

Bill Gates prepares Vista security strategy as well as Windows server Longhorn and Office 2007

You don’t know Jack

Tough talking McAfee GM puts the onus on larger resellers to become better security specialists and the government to go after pimply-faced hackers

Symantec connects security with storage

SAN FRANCISCO – Symantec CEO John Thompson took shots at Microsoft, and admitted a mea culpa to customers during his keynote address here at the Vision 2006 conference.

McAfee’s Total Protection

McAfee Inc. is coming out with an offering called Total Protection, which will combine and manage all elements of a security system through a single console.


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