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How Buzz, Facebook and Twitter create ‘social insecurity’

Will using Buzz raise your premiums? Welcome to the weird new world of zero privacy

Government 2.0: How government can leverage social networking tools

An executive with Ottawa's FreeBalance explains how Twitter and Facebook can help the public sector, and why they need the channel's help

The cost (and payoff) of investing in social media

How tools such as blogs, Twitter and YouTube can help you grow your business

Partnerpedia wants to be the Facebook of the channel

Constructive, the company behind Partnerpedia, is focused on helping partners be more successful

The observations of a reluctant Twitter convert

Finding the business value of Twitter, and avoiding the pitfalls of "social notworking"

Is security ready for Web 2.0?

One analyst warns Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the "wild, wild west" of the Internet, and advises caution

Grand & Toy creates Facebook for SMBs

Grand and Toy's Empower Web site aim to be an SMB social networking portal

Obama Gets Geeky

Want to work for Barrack? Hope your Facebook profile is in order

Malware writers targeting Facebook and World of Warcraft: McAfee

Researchers say malware is exploding because malware writers are making money

Valley girl loves to live in a Web 2.0 world

Author and self-described valley girl Sarah Lacy talks about the rebirth of Silicon Valley

When LinkedIn knows where you are

With social networking and mobility converging, the opportunities for business are expanding

The enterprise shouldn’t pooh-pooh social networking

Facebook, blogging, wikis and other social networking tools are going to impact your organization in a big way

Websense tries to take the fear out of Facebook

The company launches a gateway product designed to scan sites in real time for potential threats

Big blue aims social networking products for business

IBM releases Atlas and an updated Lotus Connections

National capital region roaring with growth

Five solution providers from Quebec and Ottawa regions experience one of the fastest growth years since Y2K

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