Microsoft does an about-face on Visual Studio and Open Source

With the new, free Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop, developers will be able to create open source desktop apps for Win 8

Microsoft: Windows 8 is ‘enterprise ready’

At TechEd, Microsoft is trying to make a case for enterprise adoption of Windows 8, which is expected to ship later this year

Microsoft tips how Windows 8 store will promote desktop apps

Listing of Office 2010 in the Windows Store points to external URL

Bite-sized cloud chunks more digestible: HP

HP has announced some key new pieces to its cloud strategy, including consultation services and the public beta for its public cloud

Windows 8 release preview: Enterprise features worth evaluating

The Release Preview comes with new features and functions for the new Metro user interface, including the ability to more easily group tiles and apps on the Start screen

Oracle buys Collective Intellect for ‘social intelligence’ tools

The move is just the latest instance of the rivalry between Oracle and

QuarkXPress 9.3 update features new Kindle support

Quark also announced that anyone purchasing QuarkXPress will receive Gluon's newest ProPack 9 free of charge

Microsoft previews updates to Visual Studio and .Net

The next version of Visual Studio will officially be called Visual Studio 2012

Microsoft ships Windows 8 Release Preview Thursday

Goof leaks word of final public milestone's early launch

Executive shake-up at HP continues as Autonomy founder departs

Bill Veghte will be HP's new chief operating officer, while George Kadifa has been hired to head up software

Coming Microsoft upgrade tsunami a channel perfect storm

Corporate technology managers must take time when deciding on Windows, Office upgrade path

Microsoft delivers a blow to Open Source

Focusing exclusively on Metro, the free, Express version of this software will no longer offer support for desktop-style applications

Microsoft Office for iOS and Android may arrive this fall

Microsoft appears to be closing in on a release of Office for both iOS and Android, despite denials

The open-source answer to big data

Hadoop, R and NoSQL are allowing data scientists to fix the most difficult analytical problems

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