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ROAM if you want to

A Canadian software vendor is looking to recruit new resellers, AnyWare and everywhere

McAfee wants to take security to the data level

Security software vendor McAfee says data loss protection is a trend that will increasingly drive the IT security market going forward, and to address it vendors and partners will have to go deeper into the enterprise and address security at the data level.

Salmon get Bulletproof

Three years. That’s the time it takes for salmon to grow to their market size, starting from their time as eggs in the hatchery all the way to their time in the ocean waters.

Habanero tackles SharePoint

Microsoft’s popular portal development suite is springing up all over the enterprise, but not without some problems. Habanero Consulting Group discusses some custom services

SAP Canada launches new push in the SME

When you think of SAP you probably think of big business ERP software, but Mark Aboud says the vendor’s success in the large enterprise space has overshadowed its leadership in the SME segment, a perception he’s hoping to change.


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