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2016 will see governments take aggressive anti-malware stance: report

Channel Strategy

It looks as though in 2016, enterprises and governments are finally saying “Enough is enough.”

Security vendor Trend Micro’s 2016 security predictions report suggests that 2016 will see a shift from a reactive to a proactive approach from both businesses and governments in adopting an “offensive cybersecurity posture,” the report said.

“Governments and enterprises will begin to see the benefit of cybersecurity foresight, with changes in legislation and the increasing addition of cybersecurity officers within enterprises,”Raimund Genes, chief technology officer at Trend Micro said in a statement. “We anticipate 2016 to be a very significant year for both sides of the cybercrime equation.”

This shift will be needed to counter what’s coming.

Aside from an expected growth in mobile malware, online extortion and hacktivism, cyber criminals will be looking for new avenues to circumvent ad blocking software, leading to potentially novel ways of attack.

According to the report, the overall theme for 2016 will be extortion. Meanwhile, much of mobile malware growth will take place in China.

A smart device failure turning lethal in the new year, ad-blocking software, while a headache for those with legitimate campaigns, will help kill “malvertisements” and legislation fighting cybercrime will finally take off globally.