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2017 CEA Best Security Solution Winners

Security & Privacy

Infinite IT Solutions won its second Gold award at the 2017 CDN Channel Elite Awards in the Best Security Solution category. The company utilized the cloud and on-premise technologies to help secure any organization from malicious hackers. But things weren’t always so rosy. Before partnering with our gold award winner, this company was a major victim of malware, spyware, and viruses. They had trojans that dated back ten years.

Having scrubbed clean its client’s environment, our gold award winner was able to recover 98 per cent of its client’s data, every single one of its emails, and every last scrap of its accounting and HR data.

Today, the client operates a malware- and virus-free environment. It is able to prevent hacking attempts on its own using smart technologies the Infinite Cloud delivers.

SILVER: Extranet User Manager

The CDN silver award for Best Security Solution went to Extranet User Manager. The company used a combination of Office 365, Azure, and EUM to build a fully hosted, highly scalable, cost-effective public website and Extra-net for its client.

Replacing a ten-year old legacy Oracle WCI stack, the solution costs a fraction of the maintenance fees, hosting costs, and operational support of the previous system. This is all delivered in a fully managed service. Content authors use a familiar Office 365 experience to author and maintain their site content.

With over 100,000 page views since launch two months ago, the site performing brilliantly, and end users (physicians) are able to go about their business on the site without any problems.

BRONZE: WBM Technologies

This year’s bronze award winner in the Best Security Solution category went to WBM Technologies of Saskatoon, Sask. The solution provider realized they needed to get in front of a new attack sector — ransomware attacks against companies of any size. So, get in front of it they did, by coming up with an offering that was secure and yet cost-effective — available to companies of any size, regardless of budget.