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2017 CEA Best Small Business Solution Winners

Zycom Technology became the first double gold winner at the 2017 CDN Channel Elite Awards for implemented a total IT transformation solution for a popular tourist town on the St. Lawrence River, to address aging systems and a mission-critical application that was about to lose support.

Zycom quickly deployed its service resources across multiple disciplines to include an on-premise cloud-ready platform utilizing Nutanix Xpress with VMware to virtualize physical servers, upgrade and P2V Microsoft Server and database with improved resiliency and uptime of applications.

Combined with a Cloud-based Backup as a Service solution, to address offsite recovery, the client can now integrate with public cloud and improve performance of their application with database acceleration.

As a result of implementing a SMB hyper-converged platform, Zycom was able to disrupt its own business and offer managed services for 30 per cent lower than competitors. The HCI platform was less expensive than traditional tier-3 virtual server architecture, which allowed for more inclusions to help the client improve security and networking.


This year’s silver award winner in the Best Small Business Solution went to WEBSAN Solutions who provided one of their clients with Dynamics 365 for Sales implementation and training, which helped the company automate and accelerate their sales cycle by creating a standardization process for collecting and inputting data.

WEBSAN also improved the client’s reporting, dashboards, and security, and the client ended up saving a considerable amount of money.

Another key was the training the client received. Training was tailored to the client’s specific needs, and the progress of their employees was closely monitored for five months, until it could be ascertained that every one of them had a thorough understanding of the product and the processes in place.

BRONZE: Infinite IT Solutions

Infinite IT Solutions won the Bronze in this category for an innovation solution to a client that had both 100 per cent stationary employees and 100 per cent mobile employees.