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3M shows off tablet security at CES


3M will be forever linked to the Post-it note, but the Minneapolis-based company is trying to change that at this year’s CES show.

The company has developed a new accessory product for tablets and larger mobile devices. Its called the Re-Attachable Privacy Filter and it protects business users from “wandering eyes”; those who like to snoop on confidential or personal information on tablets. It does this by darkening side views, leaving on-screen data visible to only the person directly in front of the computer or mobile display. The patent pending design allows the privacy screen to be attached and removed from the device so people can share content on their screen when they want to but is re-attachable when privacy is needed.

It will be available for the Apple iPad and iPad mini out of the gate.

3M is also showcasing 360 Privacy Screen Protector, which offers privacy when viewed from both a landscape and portrait orientation. It will be available for the iPhone 5.

And, the company also showed a new HDMI mobile projector braned the MP300, which has 60 lumens and it will enable road warriors to connect with a single HDMI cable to laptops and tablets and project.