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A brief history of the OK button

Where did the OK button get its start and more on Microsoft and Yahoo

May 7, 2007

A brief history of the OK button
Scott Gilbertson has an interesting viewpoint of the Ok button.

“You click it everyday. It’s in your computer and even your phone and PDA. The OK button is nearly ubiquitous, but where did it come from? According to the UI design blog, history of the button, the OK button made its debut in Apple’s Lisa software. The interface designers were apparently testing some interaction dialogues in Lisa and noticed that the dialogue box with Cancel and Do It caused problems for many users. According the folklore.org one user in particular was frustrated by the Do It button.”

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Dell to join the axes of evil

IT Wire

I just want to make something clear. I did not write this. Sam Varghese did.

“The cynic in me is delighted to learn today that Michael Dell didn’t exactly have stars in his eyes when he advanced his grand plan to load Ubuntu on some Dell PCs and laptops. And to think that the Linux community at large was overjoyed at this move! There is no bigger bunch of suckers around. Dell, the man that is, was merely providing himself with a figleaf, albeit something much smaller than the one Naomi Watts used to cover her vital parts in We Don’t Live Here Anymore. Plans are now said to be afoot for Dell to dip its toes into the Microsoft-Novell axis; in truth, this axis needed a third member to meet the requirements of the definition set out by old man Dubya some years ago.”

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Do they call it Yacrosoft or Microhoo?

The Curious Capitalist

Justin Fox takes a look at the rumoured Microsoft/Yahoo deal.

“The prospect of a merger does at least raise the truly interesting question of what they would call the new entity. Yacrosoft and Microhoo are the two most obvious, but Yahoo is so much smaller than Microsoft that perhaps Yicrosoft or Microsoftoo would be more appropriate. Microsohoo? Yahsoft? Microshoft? The possibilities are endless!”

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