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A look at the new Cisco Canada president’s Twitter profile

Channel StrategyBernadette Wightman, President of Cisco Canada, Twitter profile

Bernadette Wightman took over as president of Cisco Canada today. She has been with Cisco for the past 15 years and her most recent position was general manager for Cisco in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other commonwealth of independent state countries.

CDN took a closer look at her Twitter profile and saw that she has previously been voted as UK’s top 10 most influential women in IT. Her profile also reveals that she loves shoes, art and architecture. She tweets regularly and has 884 followers currently. Most of her tweets speak about her day-to-day life, job and her travel tales. She captures many of them in pictures.

We also get a peek into her weekends.

She happens to mention Montreal in one of her tweets. It says, “See everyone next year in Montreal Canada.” It was posted on March 28th this year. Wonder if she knew then that she was going to be the president of Cisco Canada in a few months. The Cisco Partner Summit will be in Montreal next year.

So what music does Wightman like?

Learn more about her and her current responsibilities as the president of Cisco Canada.