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A quick look at what’s new in the latest version of Ingram Micro’s Odin Service Automation platform

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Ingram Micro has unveiled version 7 of its Odin Service Automation platform, one that features a revamped plugin environment and new Microsoft integrations.

First, the distributor is adding support for Exchange 2016 and Microsoft Azure to expand upon Microsoft cloud integration. According to Pavel Ershov, company senior vice president of sales and marketing for Odin, this brings the number of services found on the platform’s catalogue close to 500.

The second major difference in the latest release is the shift from C++ to PHP.

“This makes it easier and cheaper to develop for,” Ershov told CDN. “Many of our partners love the ability to expand the functionality of the platform using plugins and integrations. The complexity was reduced and we’ve made that much better.”

The new SDK environments will also allow for new functionality including new payment experiences, Ershov said.

Meanwhile, the customer control panel was also redesigned.

Here, the emphasis is on self-service. Functionality that customers have access to now includes the ability to onboard users all without partner interaction.

For the Odin’s users, which tend to be larger telecoms or hosting providers, this would provide an opportunity to reduce maintenance costs and improve upselling, Ershov said.

“Specifically we wanted to make the life of our partners easier, as well as those that do integration itself,” he added. “We are helping them reduce costs and increase functionality.”