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Hashtag Trending – Amazon has a new store; Samsung chairman indicted; Facebook has access to shadow contacts

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First up on LinkedIn: Amazon has opened a new store in New York’s trendy SoHo neighbourhood and it has a bunch of items rated 4-stars or higher on its website. The store, called Amazon 4-Star, will have a permanent location in the neighbourhood and will be the latest addition to the online-retail giant’s brick and mortar footprint. Last week Amazon announced that it was planning to open 3,000 cashier-less food stores and also plans to open a number of bookstores across the U.S.

Next up on Reddit: Samsung Electronics chairman of the board of directors, Lee Sang-hoon isn’t having the best day as he’s been indicted for allegedly sabotaging unions, and prosecutors say that the company could possibly be in violation of South Korea’s labour laws. The chairman was only recently given the title earlier in March, and will be facing a trial with 31 other executives at Samsung and its affiliates. Prosecutors are saying that Samsung has an ongoing policy of not listening to labour unions and now the executives are accused of threatening to cut wages and withdraw business from subcontractors that supported these unions.

Finally, also trending on Reddit: It looks like Facebook is digging deep to give advertisers your shadow contact information. Let’s back it up for a second, a shadow contact, as Gizmodo likes to define it as, is the information that is collected from people’s contact books that could have your information. That could be junk email addresses that you use to get discounts. So what Facebook does, according to reports, is take that information and use it to target you with ads. However, Gizmodo says Facebook denied using this tactic to get information