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Amazon’s shares slashed as profits drop 73 per cent

Plus, RIM's OS woes and CEO succession planning lessons

October 26, 2011

Amazon’s shares slashed as profits drop 73 per cent On the Register,  Iain Thomson looks at how the company came out of the last quarter. ” However, it is the company’s policy on the Kindle that has Wall Street most worried. Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire at $199, massively undercutting Apple’s iPad. As HP demonstrated with the TouchPad fiasco, there is strong consumer demand for low-cost tablets, but whether Amazon can make enough back in media sales to offset the low purchase price remains to be seen,” Thomson writes. What’s your opinion? 

CEO succession planning: What HP can learn from IBM, Apple On The VAR Guy, the author looks at what HP can learn from other tech giants. ” Let’s shift our attention to Apple, where Tim Cook recently succeeded the late Steve Jobs as CEO. Cook joined Apple in 1998 and earned a reputation for matching Jobs’ demanding management style. Cook overhauled Apple’s manufacturing processes and is widely credited for building an Apple supply chain that somehow meets customer demand each time a new iPad or iPhone surfaces,” The VAR Guy writes. What’s your opinion? 

RIM’s juggling act flops as PlayBook OS 2.0 slips On ZDNet, Larry Dignan reports on the Canadian company’s OS woes and the latest delay. “By then the PlayBook will be an afterthought. In fact, the PlayBook is already an afterthought. The upshot: This PlayBook OS 2.0 delay means that RIM’s tablet customers still lack integrated email and calendar. BlackBerry users can still use BlackBerry Bridge, but that’s a workaround that should have been fixed months ago,” he writes.What’s your opinion?