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Apple accessory drop-shipping now available

Hong Kong-based wholesaler looking to sign up anyone interested in Apple accessories sales

Newcomer to the market Applehour is offering business owners real-time drop-shipping of Apple accessory products.

Applehour.comis charging $50 to sign up with them and use its online service.

AppleHour contends that the marketplace for Apple accessories is “fat” considering that more than 400 million people use Apple product as of 2011.

Applehour is a representative of Apple accessories products for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. For dropship Apple accessories services, Applehour.com will send the items to your client without the applehour logo or other information, and there is no minimum quantity per dropship. At the same time, applehour.com can offer all the images without any watermark.

The Hong Kong-based Applehour also offers wholesale services along with supply chain, quality control, logistics and customer service.