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Apple Canada executive named newsmaker for 2007

Wendy Hayes pleased with partners and innovations

Apple has no doubt had a very busy year. Wendy Hayes, managing director of Apple Canada, says the introduction of the new iPods and Apple’s most recent launch of the new Mac OS X Leopard are just a couple of the major announcements Apple has made in the industry this past year.

“In general, the exciting news about Apple [this year] is how our innovative product development strategy continues to underscore how we are advancing the use of technology to assist people [as they] navigate their lives in our digital world in an easy, powerful and meaningful way,” Hayes said.

Possibly one of Apple’s more significant launches this year can also be traced back to the summer, with the release of the iMac line and the iLife ’08 and iWork ’08 software suites, aimed at the traditional Microsoft Office Windows user.

More recently, Apple has released its sixth major operating system, better known as Mac OS X Leopard, the most successful OS launch for Apple to date, according to one Apple executive.

Hayes says Apple Canada’s channel partners maintain their excitement and enthusiasm no matter what the company releases because the company works very closely with them to grow their businesses.

“Partners are experiencing first hand the growing number of people who are making the switch to the Mac platform,” Hayes said. “And they’re recognizing the great sales potential that it can mean for them. Our channel partners see great add-on storage sales opportunities with…Mac OS X Leopard.”

Moving forward into the new calendar year, Hayes says partners and Apple users can expect to see the company continue on its path to consistently delivering innovative products that suit their customers’ needs.