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Apple technology found in half of all American homes: survey

Plus, high costs may be hindering cloud adoption and how not to quit your job

Survey: Apple technology found in half of all American homes On The VAR Guy, puts the results in context. “You’re wondering — how the heck does that loop back around to the channel? It’s simple, really: The bring-your-own-device revolution likely has just begun. Even though it seems as though mobility has reached mainstream popularity, if one-quarter of the American population is ready to buy more Apple gadgets, that means there’s likely to be more mobile saturation in businesses across America, everywhere — and, obviously, the need for mobile device management (MDM),” he writes. What’s your opinion?

High costs of cloud adoption still major barrier, report says On ZDNet, looks at the report. “One of the problems here is that although many of these companies looked at the cloud favorably, most of them are expecting significant growth in data volumes over the next year — some as much as a 100 percent increase. That’s a huge financial and security challenge, and it’s not easy for smaller companies with smaller budgets to adopt an entirely new system so quickly,” she writes. What’s your opinion?

Quitting your job? Here’s how not to do it On The Register, Dominic Connor gives some career advice. “In the good old days (2006) a verbal job offer was good enough for you to quit, but now more people have to sign off the headcount and they are more likely to refuse. That means you should never give notice until you have a written job offer. In itself that is actually almost worthless, since if they renege then your legal position is not likely to get you more than the notice period they would have to pay if they fired you on your first day – and even that is far from guaranteed,” he writes. What’s your opinion?