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Apple turns the screws on reseller channel

Plus, a look at whether Amazon is losing money on the Kindle Fire and a new social network for VARs

September 30, 2011

Apple turns the screws on reseller channel

The Register

Paul Kunert reports that Apple is halving early settlements for its reseller base.

“Apple is turning the screws on its loyal reseller base after a string of record-beating financials and its supplanting of energy conglomerate ExxonMobil as the most valued stock on the planet. Resellers are already battling Apple Stores for the attention of consumers, but are increasingly fending off the vendor’s direct sales team in B2B markets.”

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Is Amazon losing $50 per Kindle Fire?


Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports on theories that Amazon is losing money.

“Based on these numbers (and I like the feel of these numbers), the Kindle Fire is about $50 cheaper to produce than the PlayBook. While that doesn’t allow for huge profits per tablet (like Apple enjoys with the iPad), it also gives the company more wriggle room, and makes a $50 loss per Fire seem unlikely.”

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Facebook for VARs?: Former Autotask CEO launches ChannelEyes

The VAR Guy

The VAR Guy reports on the new site.

“…ChannelEyes is working to carve out a unique niche for itself. According to a prepared statement, Godgart wants ChannelEyes to be a ‘ridiculously simply and secure way to engage all channel partners.’ Godgart will end his position as Autotask chairman on October 1 in order to ensure ChannelEyes is a vendor-neutral effort.”

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