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Ask not what you can do, but ask what Amazon’s Askville can do for you

Plus, phishing attempts and the latest from BlackBerry

Dec. 6, 2007
Eats, shoots and phishes
IT World Canada
Apparently no e-mail address, whether it be either personal or work-related, is safe. Dave Webb writes on the increasing amount of malicious attacks now being sent through work e-mail accounts.

“I received an e-mail purporting to be from my bank’s security team this morning, saying there had been some suspicious activity on my account and asking me to fill out a 10-step questionnaire of personal information…A bank will never. Ever. E-mail you about suspicious activity on your account. Someone will phone.

Amazon Askville to take on Yahoo answers
Jordan Golson remains skeptical on Amazon’s recent launch of Askville, it’s pageview generator that answers questions through the Net.

“Askville will bribe users with Quest Gold, redeemable for Amazon.com gift cards (for a limited time)…Time will tell if this scheme will be able to compete or if it will fail like it did the first time.”

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RIM points the way
Network World
Craig Mathias offers his opinion on RIM’s latest handheld, the BlackBerry 8820.

“The built-in a/b/g Wi-Fi is a nice touch, but the EDGE-based WWAN service is pretty fast, again a testament to good server-side design and implementation. Wi-Fi will prove important for convergence apps, though, regardless. RIM’s famous battery life is still present, and the built-in apps are much improved, at least in look.”

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