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Asus intros first nine-inch pencil-thin touch-screen e-reader

Eee Reader DR900 with a reading area 2.25 times the size of six-inch ebook readers unveiledrnrn

Asus has launched the new ASUS Eee Reader DR900. And it is no thicker than a pencil.

“With a nine-inch screen that offers 2.25 times the reading area compared to six-inch ebook readers, this sleek device is ideal for reading material ranging from novels to comic books — and everything else in between” Asus said in a statement.

According to the Taiwanese company, the new e-reader is highly portable and has a long battery life. It is less than 10mm thick and weighs just 440g. Its 2GB of internal storage (expandable via SD Card) can store up to 5,000 ebooks and the two-week battery life is long enough to read 20 novels back-to-back between recharges.

Asus said that this ultra-low power consumption is possible because the Eee Reader’s SiPix electrophoretic display only uses power to change its image, not to maintain it. Page turns are virtually instant and the monochrome image is as crisp as ink printed on paper. The screen stays clear even in broad daylight, making so it’s as easy to read on the beach as it is under a bedside light.

The Eee Reader’s nine-inch capacitive touch-screen also removes the need for a physical keyboard and delivers a simple and intuitive user interface. The gadget comes with built-in Wi-Fi and optional 3G.