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ATI’s Markham legacy powers AMD Fusion launch

The new AMD Fusion processor line fuses the graphics processor and the central processing unit on one small piece of silicon

TORONTO — Processor manufacturer AMD Corp. (NYSE: AMD) launched its new Fusion processor line at the Ontario Science Centre this week, and executives said Ontario science and research played a major role in bringing Fusion to the market.

Fusion is the first processor family to combine the central processing unit (CPU) and the graphics processing unit (GPU) onto a single piece of silicon. The GPU is becoming increasingly important to the performance of modern computers as video becomes more pervasive, and Fusion’s approach allows for improved performance with savings on space and power consumption.

Much of the GPU knowledge and expertise comes from AMD’s acquisition in 2006 of Markham, Ont.-based ATI Technologies. (Read about other Canadian tech brands that are no more). Of the 1,800 people of AMD Canada’s research facilities centred in Markham, more than one third were involved in the Fusion project.

Learn more about AMD’s Fusion launch in this CDN video report:

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