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Avnet offering solution for IoT development

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Global technology distributor, Avnet Inc., is boosting its Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with a new partnership with Relayr. It will take advantage of Relayr’s enterprise middleware platform.

With this agreement in place, Avnet partners will be able to use IoT development tools designed to allow for fast and cost-effective development of IoT solutions, equipment, and services. Partners can use these new offerings to create IoT solutions that can integrate with their customers’ existing technology.

“What this partnership is bringing to Avnet’s ecosystem is an IoT platform that is able to do a lot of the gateway connectivity and device management needed, and then provide intelligence through Relayr’s middleware,” said Colin Blair, vice president of data analytics and IoT solutions at Avnet Technology Solutions Americas, in an interview with CDN.

Avnet is calling this Innovation-as-a-Service, as the cloud-based enterprise middleware platform will allow for communications between any service, software, platform, and sensor. This will work through many of Avnet’s large traditional suppliers such as IBM, Cisco, Dell, or HPE.

Relayr’s Cisco IoT starter kit, for instance, will become available through Avnet, with the purpose of “providing partners with a quick and affordable proof of concept to allow their customers to experience the advantages of IoT fog software for industrial deployments.”

With Relayr’s enterprise middleware platform, Avnet is addressing every market they dabble in. Those industries include: manufacturing, smart buildings, retail, government, and healthcare and energy. Avnet partners will have access to these full-service, end-to-end stack solutions with an open API.

“We have to be able to bring ecosystems together, help partners differentiate themselves, and add value to that client. It doesn’t matter if they are industrial, commercial, information technology, etc.; through Avnet’s capabilities and resources and our ecosystem we’re activating the ability to deliver those solutions,” said Blair.

In order to combat the complexity of these technologies, Avnet will also be providing sales enablement and hands-on training for partners revolving around Relayr’s Cisco gateway product offering, Relayr middleware, and consumer-grade and industrial sensors.