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BitTitan Cloud Rangers are here to help with your next migration


When we last saw BitTitan, the company was offering a solution for companies to move their data off of the security-beleaguered Dropbox to either Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

This time around, the data migration solution provider is launching a Partner Advisory Service aimed at providing consultants, system integrators and service providers with “expert advice” on email and data migration projects.

This service is being provided by a specialized team of support personnel trained in both Microsoft and BitTitan products called BitTitan Cloud Rangers and should, according to the company, help ensure a smooth transition of Office 365 scenarios.

“Our Partner Advisory Service is unique as it gives our channel partners access to our Cloud Rangers – experts that can provide end-to-end support on Microsoft products and help tune those products to support specific migration projects,” said Vincent Fournier, CIO of BitTitan in a statement. “We are bringing two worlds of expertise together to provide support through a single individual.”

The Kirkland, Washington-based company says the program was designed with complex scenarios in mind, including during mergers and acquisitions, company divestitures, tenant to tenant, IT consolidation and co-existence, projects that “go beyond mailbox migration and often require unique customization, migration of terabytes of data from multiple sources, as well as archive migration to a new platform.”