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BitTitan sends an SOS to MSPs

Geeman Yip, founder and CEO of BitTitan

BitTitan has launched MSPComplete, the company’s latest offering for Microsoft-focused managed service providers (MSPs) to bolster cloud solutions.

The MSPComplete has three elements of cloud enablement: Sell, Onboard and Service or SOS aimed at getting after the demand in the market for Office 365, Azure, email archiving, data encryption and big data analytics.

Geeman Yip, CEO of BitTitan told CDN that for those not in the cloud MSPs will be able to help them position them to the cloud from traditional IT.

“Microsoft’s CSP push poses many challenges and there is more commoditization of email and other workloads. What we are doing is creating a bundle in MSPComplete to address these new workloads that target the lowest hanging fruit: email,” Yip said.

MSPComplete is made up of many demand generation and sales automation tools for the channel. They are:

  • cloud sales leads scored by advanced data analytics;
  • Smart Script Technology and intelligent up-selling;
  • A quote builder tool for developing price quotes look after Microsoft investments and incentives integration;
  • A cloud readiness portion for operating system, browser version, and bandwidth check;
  • A workload migration tool for mailbox, OneDrive, archive, public folder, and SharePoint; and
  • The desktop configuration offering automates Outlook configuration across all office locations.

Also MSPComplete features cross-sell opportunities for WebEx, Salesforce and Dropbox.

The strategy behind this offering for BitTitan is to produce a packaged end-to-end sales portfolio that can do market insights for MSPs and other Microsoft solution providers. MSPComplete, for example, can generate organization names for partner leads that are sent to sales automation and depending on if the opportunity is on the public cloud there can be new services offerings created that goes directly to the many campaigns. Yip said there are many instances where this produces scripts for Drop Box to OneDrive or Google Apps to Office 365.

BitTitan cited a Gartner Research study that found public cloud market will almost double in size over four years to reach $160 billion by 2018.

“If this person has Google Drive and you are offering OneDrive you can now sell that with competitive price analysis from MSPComplete that can be healthcare related,” Yip said.

Similar to other BitTitan products partners can white-label MSPComplete.

Margins for MSPComplete can go north of 60 per cent on a monthly basis, Yip said. Email will get less margin, Yip added but he said that it could lead to more lucrative opportunities for Dynamic CRM. “There is more margin there because it is more complex.”

For example, Workload Migration for OneDrive is $12 and MSPs charges $50 on average. “It is subjective but these are the additional margins on other workloads.”