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BlackBerry expands cybersecurity channel reach

BlackBerry Ltd. has introduced a new initiative to expand its channels of distribution.

In partnership with Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, BlackBerry intends to provide direct access to BlackBerry’s cybersecurity expertise to cyber policyholders. It also helps BlackBerry gain a foothold into the insurance industry. The initiative with Allied World identifies security areas of weakness and works towards improving the policyholder’s security posture.

Cyber policyholders will get BlackBerry’s cybersecurity expertise through an online self-assessment tool.

Marty Beard, COO of BlackBerry, said this agreement with Allied World will allow BlackBerry to expand the channel reach and help policyholders be BlackBerry Secure.

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“Allied World is a leader when it comes to providing innovative services to help its cyber policyholders manage their risk. Their clients (will be provided) with our mobile-native approach to security that addresses the entire enterprise from endpoint to endpoint,“ Beard said.

The new BlackBerry SHIELD self-assessment tool will be available mid-May to cyber policyholders through the Allied World // FrameWRX, a cyber risk management solution.

Once the assessment is completed, BlackBerry can provide clients with a range of services such as the following:

  • simulate a real-world attack by connecting devices to BlackBerry’s test wireless network;
  • carry out unauthenticated attacks against the device to simulate a device being stolen;
  • examine the mobile device from an authenticated perspective to determine if access to sensitive data is possible; or
  • attempt to subvert operating system controls, access data stored on the devices and compromise the client network.