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BlackBerry PlayBook becomes first tablet certified for U.S. government

Plus, Microsoft's cloud exec moves over to EMC and a timeline of OpenStack

July 22, 2011

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook becomes first tablet certified for U.S. government


Matthew Miller reports that the PlayBook could have more potential now that it may end up in the hands of federal employees.

“I served in the U.S. Coast Guard for 12 years and would have loved to have a large screen tablet to go along with my mobile phone for easier review and editing of data on the go. We haven’t yet seen any announcements for major government orders, but now with the FIPS certification those may be coming and it would be a great time for RIM to continue improving the PlayBook through software updates.”

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Former Microsoft cloud exec now leading storage at EMC

Talkin’ Cloud

Matthew Weinberger looks at the management changes.

“To understand why it’s a big deal that Srivastava has ended up at EMC, it’s important to rewind back to January 2011, when Robert Muglia announced his departure from Microsoft, leaving the office of President of the Servers and Tools Business (STB) up for grabs.”

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From a basement to the stars: How the OpenStack cloud was born


Dan Rowinski gives readers a timeline of the OpenStack initiative.

“The cloud structure has its roots in NASA. The story of OpenStack is really the story of how NASA created its Do It Yourself cloud environment – NASA Nebula. With just a few developers working on a side project in the basement of the NASA Ames Research Center outside of Mountain View, Calif., the seeds of OpenStack and Nebula were planted.”

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