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Blockbuster partners with Motorola for digital downloads

Plus, an Apple event next month and thoughts on the Palm Pre

August 19, 2009
Apple’s September event: iTunes and iPod only
Devin Coldewey writes about Apple’s upcoming event next month.

“As much as we’d like the Tapplet, or iPad, to make its debut next month, it’s looking like that won’t be the case – as we’ve heard. ‘Sources close to the company’ say that the event will be on September 9th and will most assuredly not be Tablet-related. Instead, like last year’s September announcement, it’ll be new iPods and possibly that fancy new iTunes we’ve been hearing about.”

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Blockbuster partnering with Motorola for OnDemand movies
Joseph L. Flatley provides details about Blockbuster’s partnership with Motorola.

“If all goes according to plan, the company’s OnDemand digital download service will soon be available on select Motorola cell phones. There is no word yet on which devices will be supported, or when this will all go down, but all the same we can’t help but wonder if this will amount to a much needed revenue source for the company, or just another of its painful death throes.”

I like the Palm Pre better than the iPhone
ZD Net

Michael Snider compares the Palm Pre to Apple’s iPhone device and RIM’s BlackBerrys.

“The Palm Pre fills a big gap that exists between the multimedia super-device that is the iPhone and the e-mailing super-device that is the BlackBerry. While the Pre beats neither in their core strengths – multimedia and e-mail, respectively – it does both well, which is more than you can say for the iPhone or various BlackBerrys.”

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