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“Broadband Bonding” vendor finds Canadian reseller

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Networking vendor Mushroom Networks of San Diego, Calif. has found a Canadian value-added reseller in Atcomtel Communications Inc. of Woodbridge, Ont. to help it bring its “broadband bonding” and load balancing technology to the Canadian market.

According to Mushroom Networks, its broadband bonding technology melds various numbers of Internet lines into a single connection. By supporting the aggregation of multiple Internet access lines that come through a DSL modem, cable modem, T1, MPLS, satellite modem or other broadband connection, Mushroom said the technology enables redundant service, business continuity and high-speed connectivity to the Internet and between branch offices at a cheaper rate than traditional leased lines.

“We look forward to this partnership with Atcomtel to deliver Broadband Bonding’s innovation to clients in Canada,” said Cahit Akin, CEO of Mushroom Networks, in a statement. “Not only does Mushroom Networks’ Broadband Bonding technology provide high-speed and redundant connectivity using readily available, low-cost broadband connections, Internet traffic management and Quality of Service provisions can be done intelligently, based on user level or traffic type.”

A VAR specializing in broadband and data connectivity, Atcomtel will offer its customers Mushroom Networks’ suite of Truffle WAN virtualization solutions as a cost-effective way to boost Internet performance and hosted PBX services with more effective bandwidth management. It will also resell Mushroom’s Streamer 3G/4G bonding solution for video streaming.

“Mushroom Networks’ Truffle appliances let our customers—hoteliers, property and apartment managers, learning and education institutions—expand their Internet services as their subscriber base grows. They won’t have to lock in high-end Internet access lines at high fees; instead, they can add broadband lines only when needed,” said Tom Taylor, CEO of Atcomtel, in a statement.