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Canada boasts world’s third-largest video game industry

Some 247 companies now employ over 14,000 in Canada's gaming industry

Move over, England. The Entertainment Software Association of Canada recently announced that the country has become the third-largest employer of video game professionals behind Japan and the U.S, with over 14,000 workers.

With some of the top franchises of recent years like Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect coming from Canadian developers, it was safe to assume the video game industry was growing up north. The Entertainment Software Association of Canada clarified the size of the employment expansion recently when it announced that Canada had grown to become the country with the third-highest amount of video game industry employees, according to the Financial Post, with 14,000 workers amongst Canada’s 247 video game companies. According to the ESAC, Canada has recently overtaken England as the third-ranked country and now sits behind Japan and the U.S.

While the Financial Post predicts even more growth in Canada over the next few years, the UK’s recent tax break for game developers reported by GamePolitics could signal a return to video game development form in Great Britain.