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Canadian government to invest in new strategic research projects

Funding will help with technology applications and will also boost Canada's Economic Action Plan

The Government of Canada has announced it will fund several large-scale, multidisciplinary research projects with $56 million worth of grants over the next five years.

The grants will be provided from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)and will support 11 research networks that focus on social and economic importance.

These research networks will create new market opportunities for several vertical industries which include forestry and manufacturing.

“Our government’s investments in science and technology are creating jobs, stimulating the economy and improving Canadians’ quality of life,” Tony Clement, Minister of Industry said.

The 11 research networks have already been selected through a peer-reviewed competition.

Each network will receive between $4.8 million and $5.3 million over five years to create strategic partnerships that bring together university researchers, industry and the government.

Some of the networks include: the Canadian Network for Research and Innovation in Machining Technology (CANRIMT), University of British Columbia; Digital Surface Software Application Network (SurfNet), University of Calgary; Green Fibre Network, McGill University and Network for New Manufacturing Technologies for Plastic Systems, University of Toronto.