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CDN’s Top 25 Newsmakers of 2015 – No 16: Graham Palmer

Channel Strategy

After convincing the Canadian market that a PC refresh was necessary Intel Canada country manager Graham Palmer made the digital lifestyle his 2015 mission.

Palmer was correct last year about 170 million desktop and laptop PCs being four years old or worse in the North American marketplace; making a PC refresh a good plan for business.

Palmer was not alone in pushing the digital transformation trend in 2015, but what makes him unique is that he put a name to it: Vortex of Change.

Intel found that a third of businesses in Canada have digital transformation as a core strategy in 2015 and beyond. Most CIOs, Palmer said, believe they will be threatened by some kind of digital disruption.

Palmer described what a digital journey might look like today: “I could have booked a hotel for my business meeting with AirBnB. Then used Uber to get to the hotel. Get onto LiquidSpace to hold the meeting. Used KickStarter to fund a business. Have Outwork to acquire resources for this business. Then after the meeting go onto Feastly to share a meal with my partner at someone’s home. And, have LendingClub pay for all of this.”

“This is a social economic environment,” Palmer added and Intel in 2015 decided to help prepare the market for this new digital life.

He introduced a four step plan based on business efficiency and agility, data trust, privacy, sovereignty, innovation within the new economic business models and something called the macroeconomic effect.

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