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Ceridian Dayforce offers single payroll function to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers

Concept for Microsoft Dynamics Start Page on Windows 8. (Microsoft photo)

Workforce management regulations vary from one country to another, and through a new partnership with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Ceridian says its Dayforce software will help streamline that process for organizations who will now gain access to its single payroll functions.

“This is different than just consuming a company’s application programming interfaces (API) and retrieving or submitting data,” Ozzie Goldschmied, Ceridian’s chief technology officer told channeldailynews.com shortly after the partnership announcement. “It’s not two independent systems with a consumer pushing back and forth. We’re making sure that the use case is being fulfilled to know that we’re onboarding correctly in all the different countries. We’re not doing this with any other partner in this fashion.”

Microsoft doesn’t have a single vendor that can do payroll for all of their markets, explained Goldschmied, adding a customer of Microsoft doesn’t want multiple vendors for each of the countries it operates in. Goldschmied pointed to specific nuances in workforce management in other countries where details such as religion or a person’s place of origin are weighted differently.

“There’s an interesting compliance challenge to understand all the nuances,” said Goldschmied.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers will also benefit from a single payroll solution, financial reporting and full support for data validation. An example of data validation, said Goldschmied, are bots that notify users about missing data or answers that are too long or two short when online forms are being filled out.

“We also have a pretty robust feature we have in the system that we call mapping rules, which allow you to specify a given transformation based on the existing data,” he said.

Partnering with Microsoft will help Ceridian expand the network and its potential markets, and improve its financial flow, said Goldschmied.

“Overall, it will help us implement faster.”

Ceridian has more than 3,000 customers live in production, 1,500 of which are from Canada. Goldschmied said Ceridian has 30 channel partners, adding it will add another 25 “in the next wave of growth.”