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Making the journey to Azure a pain-free process with Softlanding Solutions

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Don’t assume that business’ applications on the cloud are organized, because there’s a good chance they aren’t. Enter Softlanding Solutions, which caters to its clients’ needs and offers its IT ROI Managed Services designed to provide migrating and organizing applications services into the cloud to create an effective workflow.

Brian Lau, marketing lead at Softlanding Solutions Inc., said Softlanding’s services helps enterprises organize their cloud services by transferring it over to a Microsoft Azure-based infrastructure and makes sure it runs optimally so their client’s IT staff can “shift focus to high-value activities that directly benefit the needs of the organization.”

“The underlying customer goal is the pivot of focus out of data centres’ problems and into the business problems that technology has the promise to address: Business process improvement, cybersecurity, data analytics,” Lau said.

One of their customers’, she adds, which is focused in transportation of natural resources, was able to optimize on Softlanding’s services to effectively improve its business.

Softlanding migrated most of its client’s workflow, which was predominantly in an on-premise environment and functioned on Google’s Gmail and Google Docs, to function on Azure and Office 365.

Lau said Softlanding assisted its customer with a three-phased approach to “transform their business.”

First it automated its client’s core IT by investing in Azure and Office 365 so it can simplify their IT structure.

“The transformation helped remove $800,000 of traditional IT spending from [our client’s] budget,” Lau said.

Second it turned its client’s focus from data centres to data activities.

“Over half of the IT team now works on data or development topics, including PowerBI and Azure PaaS development,” Lau said.

Finally, it optimized their client for the future by finding better use of its equipment’s operational data by “migrating from an antiquated Google-based collaboration platform to Office 365.”

“Over the course of the last two years, we have diverted over $800,000 of backend IT costs to much more productive areas. We have also undertaken a significant staff transformation; over half of our staff has been refocused on analytics or development. The IT group’s ability to drive positive impact across our business has grown significantly, and Softlanding has been an invaluable partner through this process,” Softlanding’s client said.